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Award Announcements for the First Talent Competition, Honoring Ataturk and Youth Day

May 19, 2020

Congratulations To All Winners;


1st place Can Gokce, the winner of the $100 check. His short movie entry received 86.6 points.
2nd place Eda Ertas, the winner of the $75 check. Her poem was written for M.Kemal Ataturk entry received 81.8 points.
3rd place Ada Guclu, the winner of the $50 check. Her vocalizing of a poem for M.Kemal Ataturk entry received 79.5 points.

Jury Special Awards
Melis Tokad, the winner of the $25 Amazon card. Her painting entry received 77.5 points.
Aydin Ulubay, the winner of the $25 Amazon card. His music performance entry received 73.6 points.


Beloved ETAC Community,
We proudly announce that 1st Talent Competition of Honoring Ataturk & Youth Day May 19th is successfully finalized. Thirteen contestant submitted their creative interpretations from core values of Ataturk with photography, painting, music, performance, gymnastic, animation, poem and essay categories. We worked carefully and meticulously while we were evaluating on each submission.

We established a jury committee by 3 adults and 3 young people to have a fair, independent, transparent and professional evaluation. As you know we previously announced their short bio’s that they are not related to the contestants.

Our jury committee evaluated the material in 3 categories; creativity (40 pts), content (30 pts), and talent (30 pts). Total points have been divided to the number of juries to result an average point.

We also want to congratulate all of the contestants who entered; we received many outstanding materials. Our only regret is that there can be only one winner. Every young person who entered will receive a certificate of participation.

Thanks to everyone who participated and helped make this contest a success! Stay tuned for our next contest!

For the detailed scoring information about all contestants please click here:

Great Offensive Short Movie by Can Gokce (1st Prize Winner)

A Poem to Mustafa Kemal Ataturk by Eda Ertas (2nd Prize Winner)

Dear Mustafa Kemal Ataturk,

Breathing. Living. Standing. Thriving. You are the reason. For it all,

A beautiful, strong, and historical country. You took the fall.

You took every step forward with power and bravery and never stepped back,

Mustafa Kemal Ataturk fought until his hands were stained with black.

You conquered world war 1 so we could have warm meals,

The road holds the car but you are the wheels.

Dust rose high but you rose higher, running forward until we had a country to call home,

So we didn’t have to hide from fear when we started to roam.

Our walls and buildings are there because of your bravery, both strong as stone,

I know you would have fought for us, down to your bones.

You owned the country you have formed, your did the work on your own,

You made life possible but refused to take the throne.

You are now buried under the dirt that you have for us formed,

But your name and voice will keep what you have performed.

Turkey has blossomed because you showed what you can do,

From the bottom of my feet, to the top of my heart, thank you.

-Eda E. Ertas

Poetry Reading by Ada Guclu (3rd Prize Winner)

Melia Tokad – Peace at home Peace in the World – Special Jury Award

Aydin Ulubay – National Anthem played by an electronic guitar

May 19, 2020



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